How to bead a leaf

For our meeting this month, Heather led us in a mini-workshop on making beaded maple leaves. Using tiny beads and fine jeweler’s wire, we made a grown-up version of those pony-bead creations that were all the rage with elementary school kids a few years ago.  Above are two leaves that Heather made as examples, plus one of the kits that she put together for us to use.  Notice how she did a lovely shaded effect on the leaves by using more than one color of beads.

Almost finished

Here’s an example of a leaf that is almost done. All that’s left to do is trim off the excess wire. Each lobe of the leaf is made with a separate strand of wire, then the sections are “sewn” together using one end of the wire that made up one section.  The other end goes down to create the stem.

Heather helps us out!

Here we are toiling away, under Heather’s expert eye. The coffee cups were pressed into service as bead holders.  This was a very fun workshop, and we all appreciated Heather sharing her expertise!

The meeting also had an outstanding variety of Show-n-Tell brought in, and that’ll be in another post.