Here’s a look at the some of the goodies that were brought to our February meeting. I think some of the snowy days in January let us get a lot of work done! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Ruth’s Towels 

Ruth wove these towels from a slubby cotton.

Patty’s Papers

Patty will be showing us how to make these fabulous painted, textured papers at the March meeting.

Patty’s Hearts

Patty has been making machine-lace hearts on dissolvable stabilizer.

Mona’s Bowls

Mona is making fabric bowls in a fabulous variety of fabrics and colors!

Michele’s Necklace and Heart Pin

Michele used a simplified kumihimo technique to make the cord for this necklace.  The heart pin used some of her stash of quilting fabrics.

Heather’s Dyed Silk

Heather dyed this fine, reeled silk to explore how well Jacquard acid dyes do at capturing the iridescence of hummingbird wings.

Glenda’s Rainbow PurseGlenda’s black purse

Glenda made these purses by punching wool into a linen base.