Annie and her hats

Our April meeting featured a fabulous talk by Anne de Vuono, who makes the most amazing hats! I didn’t think to get more pictures of them, but do check out her website. She gave us an overview of the history of hats, and explained some of the techniques she uses.  Then she showed us two amazingly cool things to do with ribbon.  If you are very nice, I’ll post pictures later.

Show and Tell — click to enlarge thumbnails

Just how long is this?Yum!Silk warp
Heather is back from Costa Rica, and showed us the fabulous dyework she was able to do there. Above left, she and Patty are stretching out the dyed portion of the warp, which so far has the colorways of three different hummingbirds. The remaining undyed warp is that luscious pile of silk in the middle, and take a closer look at those fabulous colors!  Above, the warp slightly spread out, below, slid together for your amazement. The total warp length is 18 meters.

Silk warp

All I can say is, Wow!

Valerie’s harps

Valerie free motion machine embroidered a harp motif for a bag, them scanned the image and used it with some of the paper techniques Patty showed us last month.

Ruth and JaneRuth’s blanket

Ruth had a surprise when she washed the blanket she showed us last month.  She thought it was all acrylic yarn, but it turns out most of it was wool, so it shrank quite a bit.  The later part of the weft was acrylic, so she cut off that portion. The wool part is soft and lovely, and the striping from the sleying disappeared.  The acrylic part still shows the striped effect — it’s the top layer in the picture on the right.

Michele’s doll

Michele took a class at In the Beginning and made this gorgeous doll.