Robyn Spady gave a wonderful talk titled “Less is More”, about how to weave fancy trims, called galloons and gimps. These are the sort of trims you pay enormous amounts of money for at the fabric and upholstery stores, yet are surprisingly easy to weave, and utilize very few ends of warp. As Robyn asked, “Can you manage to warp five ends?” You bet, Robyn!

My apologies to Robyn!  This is best of the pictures I got — the auto focus wasn’t doing very good job that day.  She is holding a fringed trim that has three warp sections, one in the center and one on each side.  The weaving is done with a thick bundle of assorted yarns, is this case red and black.   The weft is mostly floating free, and when the weaving is done, you cut up the center to make two strips of lovely, fluffy fringe.    She also showed us how to to make a variety of other trims, similar to those shown here.

We got so inspired by this that we are bringing warped up looms to the February meeting to let everyone have a try.