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One thing Anita says forthrightly: “I have been privileged in that I have never had to earn a living while pursuing my artistic goals. That has given me great freedom.” Perhaps from that freedom, her style has evolved uniquely, not only in designing clothing, but in such areas as non-woven fabrics – notably her ‘sandwich’ cloth that captures snippets of multi-colored silks between layers of georgette, offering an enormous range of color effects along with soft and elegant drape. With little formal training, she has learned from workshops and other artists, from extensive reading and experimenting, and from travel to India, to China, to Yugoslavia, and elsewhere, always gathering ideas and samples. Some forty years into her career, she is still a student, and has recently enrolled in Part 2 of the City and Guilds Embroidery Program.

She has used her freedom with energy, honesty, and joy, along with the discipline of consistent application and daily journaling. The walls of her studio are crowded with art pieces, sample pieces, souvenirs of travels abroad, all inspirations and sources. She loves to be crowded with rich associations. There is passion and enthusiasm and plenty – so that one tends to overlook the excellent planning in the layout of equipment, as it is easy to overlook the rigor of working virtually every day that she does not teach. Rich as it is, this is dedicated existence.