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March 2017 — Beaded Earrings

Our talented member, Shirley Pauls, led a mini-workshop on making beaded earrings using the new super-duo beads.

March 2017 3

Here are some of Shirley’s samples.  As you can see, you can get quite different effects depending on color choice and whether or not you use smaller accent beads.

We worked very intently on following the pattern!

March 2017 4

The beading thread and needles are so fine.

March 2017 5

Some of our finished earrings and works-in-progress.  Thanks, Shirley, for a fun workshop!



December ~ Bracelets with Shirley Pauls ~ 2014


The December program was an intensive lesson creating bracelets using Swarovski crystals. Well lit, organized and carefully planned. Thanks very much Ms. Pauls.


Show and Tell: amazing woven pillow fabric by Graham Humphrey, quilting by Karla and Valerie were among the the creative treasures.


All in all a “Fascinating” and social group of artisans. Festive!

Fiber Hearts from Fiber Arts

Fiber Hearts from Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts make fiber Hearts

The members of our guild created valentines for Gen Care and Fircrest.

We knitted, felted, embroidered, quilted, beaded, sewed and wove over 100 hearts to brighten the day for the folks in these care facilities. Lots of fun and much appreciated!

October Meeting

Meredith Arnold showed us how to make fabulous silk beads!  We had a blast playing with stamping, glueing, tying, and  beading to create unique soft beads.  Here she’s demonstrating sewing on sequins.

Seaview October 2009 003 small

Here we are, hard at work play.

Seaview October 2009 001 small

For Show and Tell, Valerie brought her completed mini-quilt from last month’s Melissa Williams workshop

Seaview October 2009 004 small

and so did Astrid.

Seaview October 2009 005 small

Glenda showed us two of her hooked and beaded pieces that will be on display at the Mill Creek location of Laughing Ladies Cafe.


Seaview October 2009 006 small

Glenda and Mona challenged each other to intepret the word “North” — Glenda did hooked fiber and beads, and Mona did painting and collage.

Seaview October 2009 007 small

Mary Black brought samples of the kumihimo balls she will teach us to make in November.

Seaview October 2009 008 small

November Meeting

Valerie lead us in a damp but fun workshop onmaking felted flowers.  First a base shape is felted, and cut to the size and shape wanted.

Then, some additional fiber can be felted on to add detail

Flower base

resulting in a lovely flower!

Flower finished

Beads and a pinback need to be added.

Green flower

And they can be any color that amuses.

The best thing at Show and Tell was Heather’s amazing wall hanging. This is a hand painted silk warp, woven with a silk weft, that will be installed in the dining room of her client. The framework  will support it vertically and will give the effect of a  cascading waterfall. Sure hope we get to see some pictures of it in place!

Wall hanging

Heather is on the right, above.

Wall hanging

All we can say is, “Wow!”

March Show and Tell

We had another bounty of Show and Tell at our March meeting.  A lot of it was for our Art Page exchange, which I will cover in another post, but here are some others items that were shared.  Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Ruth’s blanket

Ruth wove this beautiful blanket double-width on her 36″ loom.

Ruth’s blanket detail

Here’s a detail of Ruth’s blanket.   The striped effect comes from the way she sleyed it in the reed.  We’re all curious to see how it looks after it is washed, but she hadn’t had a chance to do that yet.

Mary’s wool

Mary has been dyeing wool and spinning it in these luscious colors.  The shorter skein of yellowy green towards the right is silk.

 Mona’s flags

Mona brought some fabric prayer flags that her Monday Night Creative Group exchanged.  They dyed the fabric and printed it with blocks of their own design.

Valerie’s leaves

Valerie made lots of the beautiful beaded leaves that Heather taught us the technique for in February.

Astrid brought two knitted items, a shawl and also a scarf for her charity project.

February Show and Tell

Here’s a look at the some of the goodies that were brought to our February meeting. I think some of the snowy days in January let us get a lot of work done! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Ruth’s Towels 

Ruth wove these towels from a slubby cotton.

Patty’s Papers

Patty will be showing us how to make these fabulous painted, textured papers at the March meeting.

Patty’s Hearts

Patty has been making machine-lace hearts on dissolvable stabilizer.

Mona’s Bowls

Mona is making fabric bowls in a fabulous variety of fabrics and colors!

Michele’s Necklace and Heart Pin

Michele used a simplified kumihimo technique to make the cord for this necklace.  The heart pin used some of her stash of quilting fabrics.

Heather’s Dyed Silk

Heather dyed this fine, reeled silk to explore how well Jacquard acid dyes do at capturing the iridescence of hummingbird wings.

Glenda’s Rainbow PurseGlenda’s black purse

Glenda made these purses by punching wool into a linen base.

February Meeting

How to bead a leaf

For our meeting this month, Heather led us in a mini-workshop on making beaded maple leaves. Using tiny beads and fine jeweler’s wire, we made a grown-up version of those pony-bead creations that were all the rage with elementary school kids a few years ago.  Above are two leaves that Heather made as examples, plus one of the kits that she put together for us to use.  Notice how she did a lovely shaded effect on the leaves by using more than one color of beads.

Almost finished

Here’s an example of a leaf that is almost done. All that’s left to do is trim off the excess wire. Each lobe of the leaf is made with a separate strand of wire, then the sections are “sewn” together using one end of the wire that made up one section.  The other end goes down to create the stem.

Heather helps us out!

Here we are toiling away, under Heather’s expert eye. The coffee cups were pressed into service as bead holders.  This was a very fun workshop, and we all appreciated Heather sharing her expertise!

The meeting also had an outstanding variety of Show-n-Tell brought in, and that’ll be in another post.