Category: Garments

January 2018

Inspired by the wonderful items we saw at the vintage fashion show that Seattle Children’s Hospital put on for us at our November 2018 meeting, we dived into our closets and brought in items of handwork from our personal collections.


Valerie Day brought these stunning christening gowns that have been used in her family for generations.


Astrid Bear brought hand embroidered items made by her mother, her grandmother, and her great-great aunt.


Toni Burton brought garments and hats worn by her mother.


Christine Stewart brought the silk velvet wedding dress her mother designed and made.


And for Show and Tell, Gail Parris shared these quilted portraits of her mother that she made.

We enjoyed connecting with our family histories and heritage through these textiles and garments.



December 2018

We had our traditional December Plaid Llama sale, where both things we no longer need in our fiber studios are offered to others for theirs, as well as lovely new items made by us are for sale.

DEc 2018 1

Laura Neff brought a fabulous selection of hand towels and scarves that she wove, which were snapped up quickly.

Dec 2018 3

Shirley Pauls brought an outstanding selection of jewelry, mostly pieces she made, but also a few that she purchased on her travels.

Dec 2018 2

Then we enjoyed a sumptuous and festive holiday potluck luncheon. Not shown, the tables with mimosas and desserts!



We note with sadness that member Judy Littlefield passed away in early January.  She was able to attend the December meeting, and we all enjoyed seeing her, knowing that she was very ill, but not knowing that her remaining time was so short.  She was wearing a beautiful blue knitted shawl, a project that Judy had bought the materials for herself but didn’t have the energy to do.  Christine Stewart offered to make it, and she delighted in the warm and softness of it, warming her like a hug.

dec 2018 2

She’s wearing it in this picture, which this writer chose to crop tightly in the original post above, feeling (perhaps incorrectly) that Judy might not have wanted to see her picture with “chemo hair” on our blog.  But we honor her bright spirit and share her face with you now.  Her joy at being among friends that day is something we treasure.  Rest in peace, Judy.

November 2018

We enjoyed a fabulous fashion show of historic garments from the collection of Seattle Children’s Hospital! Their Vintage Fashion Collection is a wonderful survey of mostly women’s garments, going back into the 19th century.

Nov 2018 3

This  dress not only had spectacular beading at the neckline and pockets, but also matching shoes!

Nov 2018 2

A very glamourous evening look of silver and blue brocade.

Nov 2018 5

Many garments had astonishing details of beading and fringe.

Nov 2018 4

This exquisite cotton lawn dress featured tucks, embroidery,  and inserted lace.

Nov 2018 1

Thank you to the volunteers who collect, preserve, and model these remarkable clothes!  It was wonderful to have the chance to see these garments up close and personal.  The very modest fees they charge for their programs go directly to the uncompensated care program at Seattle Children’s.