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February 2018

Due to a series of snowstorms that left the roads dangerously snowy and icy, the February meeting was cancelled.



January 2018

Our talented member Lonetta Avelar taught us basic scratchboard technique.

Jan 2018 1

This technique uses a sharp tool (we used needles held in repurposed mechanical pencils) to make scratch marks on a special black medium — white  board painted with black ink.  The scratch marks reveal the white underneath.

Jan 2018 4

The lower board shows some practice doodles.  The upper board shows the outlines of the image, transferred to the scratchboard with chalk. We were working from this dramatic bird photo that Lonetta took.

Jan 2018 3

And working very hard!  It’s a slow and exacting technique.

Jan 2018 2

Here are all of our pieces.



December 2017

We enjoyed our traditional holiday potluck and plaid llama sale.

April, 2016 ~ Felting with Flora

Wet felting techniques thoroughly enjoyed by guild participants.

Thanks Flora…great program!

March, 2016 ~ quilted bags with Marie

We brought our 9″ X  15″ quilted fabric to this program. Expert quilter, Marie Philipsen, guided us through the construction step by step. Professionally finished interiors, zippers installed with new techniques and…

…everyone participating came away with a lovely pouch and a sense of accomplishment.

Thanks Marie!


February, 2016 ~ Gutta Percha Resist Painting

Great fun learning to outline and paint silk using Gutta Percha and dynaflow paints.

Guild member Astrid Bear walked us through the process and then turned us loose on the silk stretched on hoops.

January, 2016 ~ Printmaking Journals

imageWild at Art!

Jodi Waltier, local Seattle artist, led us on a merry adventure creating patterned paper using everything but the kitchen sink!

We had a blast slapping, stamping, and rubbing pre-painted textural tools, pouncing through stencils, blowing through straws and general attacking the paper to make our designs.

Then we learned how to fold them into journals for future booklets to write and collage into.


December, 2015 ~ Felting with Patty Leinweber


Marie Philips tries her hand at wet felting in our program today.


Becki Blackham sports a Jean Hicks original hat. This “Seuss-ian” style chapeau is another example of the versatility of wool felt.




Mary Hovde hugs her Santa pillow made by fellow guild member, Marie Phillips. The plaid llama sale is a holiday tradition here.




Our Holiday potluck program was a clear demonstration of wet felting techniques. Wool, soapy stuff and hot water were the ingredients that resulted in hard felted squares useful for potholders, journal covers and more. Many Thanks go to Patty Leinweber for her excellent instruction.



November, 2015 ~ Inkle Weaving with Mary Hovde


Today we practiced warping and weaving on the Inkle loom. Plenty of potential for projects on this portable band maker. Ribbons, straps, adornments, hat bands and more.

Thank You Mary!

October, 2015. ~ Silk Scarf Dyeing

Thank you, Carole Carroll for sharing your colored tissue dying and other techniques. What beautiful discoveries and explorations into,color. Not to mention wearable art!

Thank you, Carole Carroll for sharing your colored tissue dying and other techniques. Beautiful discoveries in color and explorations into composition were experienced. Not to mention happy guild members walking away with fantastic wearable art! Gracias!

image image image