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December 2016 — Sale and Holiday Potluck

Each December, members bring a variety of items to the meeting to sell.



This year featured jewelry, project bags and stuffed mice,


and Mary Hovde’s incomparable handwoven hand  towels.


After shopping, we enjoyed a fabulous potluck lunch, and celebrated the season!





November 2016 — Paper Play

Seaview member Patty Leinweber led us in a fun exploration of glue and colored paper.  We peeled apart the layers of dyed or painted paper towels, tore them into shapes and glued them  (using thinned white glue) to a backing sheet of paper, either black or white.  Tissue paper works well, also.


Finished pieces can be used in card making or other paper crafts.


Toni and Fotina are happily gluing!


Another fun idea  for this technique is to glue paper towel or tissue paper to the edges of cardstock to make gift tags.


Or just apply the glue and paper pieces to slick plastic sheeting, like visqueen.  Once it’s dry, peel it off the plastic for a translucent material you can use in various ways.


October 2016 –Raw Edge Applique

Dee Brown of Trillium Studios led a wonderful mini-workshop on raw edge applique. Here’s Dee with just some of the wonderful work she had on display.


And there were more…


These are all Dee’s designs, and they are for sale through her website — link above.

The project we did was called Kokio, a beautiful hibiscus image. Here’s her sample.


gail marie

Gail and Marie, very carefully cutting out sections of the flower pattern.

We didn’t have time to do the final fusing and sewing of our Kokios, but here’s what some of ours looked like. It was great fun to play with different color combinations!


September 2016 — Studio Visit

We began our 2016-2017 meeting year with a field trip to long-time member Mary Hovde’s home weaving studio.


As you can see, Mary has a lovely 8-shaft Fireside loom, and was working on some hand towels when we were there. It was a real treat to see her weaving space.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch.


April, 2016 ~ Felting with Flora

Wet felting techniques thoroughly enjoyed by guild participants.

Thanks Flora…great program!

March, 2016 ~ quilted bags with Marie

We brought our 9″ X  15″ quilted fabric to this program. Expert quilter, Marie Philipsen, guided us through the construction step by step. Professionally finished interiors, zippers installed with new techniques and…

…everyone participating came away with a lovely pouch and a sense of accomplishment.

Thanks Marie!


February, 2016 ~ Gutta Percha Resist Painting

Great fun learning to outline and paint silk using Gutta Percha and dynaflow paints.

Guild member Astrid Bear walked us through the process and then turned us loose on the silk stretched on hoops.

January, 2016 ~ Printmaking Journals

imageWild at Art!

Jodi Waltier, local Seattle artist, led us on a merry adventure creating patterned paper using everything but the kitchen sink!

We had a blast slapping, stamping, and rubbing pre-painted textural tools, pouncing through stencils, blowing through straws and general attacking the paper to make our designs.

Then we learned how to fold them into journals for future booklets to write and collage into.


December, 2015 ~ Felting with Patty Leinweber


Marie Philips tries her hand at wet felting in our program today.


Becki Blackham sports a Jean Hicks original hat. This “Seuss-ian” style chapeau is another example of the versatility of wool felt.




Mary Hovde hugs her Santa pillow made by fellow guild member, Marie Phillips. The plaid llama sale is a holiday tradition here.




Our Holiday potluck program was a clear demonstration of wet felting techniques. Wool, soapy stuff and hot water were the ingredients that resulted in hard felted squares useful for potholders, journal covers and more. Many Thanks go to Patty Leinweber for her excellent instruction.



November, 2015 ~ Inkle Weaving with Mary Hovde


Today we practiced warping and weaving on the Inkle loom. Plenty of potential for projects on this portable band maker. Ribbons, straps, adornments, hat bands and more.

Thank You Mary!